Features of Hollowcore concrete slabs

  • Exceptional fire resistance.
  • Quick installation time.
  • Heavyweight.
  • Cost efficient construction solution.
  • Large production volumes with uniform cross sections even with different cable reinforcement configurations. Once the concrete elements have been produced, they can be removed from the casting beds after just 6-8 hours.
  • Lower self- weight: The presence of longitudinal voids in the cross-section leads to approx. 50% saving in concrete compared with a plain cast in-situ reinforced slab, and at the same time cuts the amount of prestressing steel by 30% because of the lower self-weight.
  • Assured quality: By using specific equipment for the manufacture of the concrete elements and a high-end quality control system.The lower surface of the element is smooth having a steel formwork finish. This surface can be left as seen or can be simply painted.
  • Excellent lower surface finishes ready to paint.
  • Easy project implementation is giving designers greater versatility: Hollow core slabs have a wide range of applications. They can be produced up to 25 m long. They are very common in the residential, healthcare, education, industrial and commercial markets and also in seismic zones. It is possible to manufacture elements with end openings that are then filled on-site in an orthogonal direction to the floor creating solid ends to increase shear resistance.
  • Easily adapted to enable mounting on ancillary building system: Hollow core slabs are ideal for the mounting of the ancillary plant such as electrical trays, water sprinkler and HVAC systems.
  • High durability and load resistance: Prestressing technology ensure the long lasting and exceptional loading. Multiple metal wires (strands) prestressed and cast in our slabs giving them extreme strength and very long design life.
  • Long spans without temporary supports: Applicable to all loads and spans meaning that there is no need for supports during installation. It is possible to load the floor immediately after installation, even without any in-situ concrete casting.
  • Green product reduced use of raw material: Hollow core slabs are economical with their use of materials. One reason is that the premaster normally uses fairly high concrete and steel grades. Consequently the products use fewer materials to achieve the same load bearing capacity as cast in-situ structures.

The presence of longitudinal voids in the cross-section leads to about 45% saving in concrete compared with a plain in-situ cast reinforced slab and at the same time cuts the amount of prestressing steel by 30% because of its lower intrinsic weight.

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