Cubicle Beds

At Fogarty Concrete our precast cubicle beds are designed to provide improved comfort for cattle/cows by offering them a clean, dry bedding space which is easy for them to stand up and lie down on. This comfortable bedding space in turn increases performance and output from the animal.

Our single precast cubicle bed range includes 6 ft, 7 ft, 7 ft 6 inch and 8 ft cubicle beds. We also manufacture precast suspended head to head cubicle beds which are available in a range of lengths depending on the span which needs to be covered.

All our single and suspended precast cubicle beds are structurally designed and certified by the Department of Agriculture.

Our single precast cubicle bases are available with or without post holder inserts depending on the design of your precast cubicle bed layout.

Our 7’, 7’6” & 8’ long cubicle bed dimensions are as follows:

Width:                                             45 inches (1140mm)

Height at cows’ head:                     12 inches (300mm)

Height at cows’ tail:                         8 inches  (200mm)

Fogarty Concrete’s head to head suspended cubicle beds are suitable to span across a centre tank and eliminate the need for cattle slats/floor slabs to be fitted underneath the suspended precast cubicle beds. This suspended cubicle bed system optimises slurry storage beneath the cubicle beds.

Our head to head suspended cubicle beds are available from 13’ to 15’6”s in length.

Call our office on 0504-52151 for a competitive quotation or more information regarding our precast cubicle beds.

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