Precast Hollow-Core Floor Slabs

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Hollowcore floor slabs are prestressed concrete elements that have a constant cross section. They are manufactured using high tensile strength prestressed strands or single wires embedded within the element.

The production of these elements is achieved using our Extruder and Slipformer machines that cast in one phase along a production bed without the need of any form works.

Hollow core slabs are highly developed structural elements and used all over the world due to their many advantages and diverse applications. Today they are one of the most well known prefabricated elements because of their technical and economic characteristics.

Builders widely use hollow core slabs for flooring and wall panels in industrial, commercial, residential and infrastructure construction.

Hollow core slabs are used with different supporting structures:

  • Concrete constructed walls
  • Brick built walls
  • Steel structures
  • On-site concrete cast structures
  • Prefabricated beams

Hollowcore slabs possess certifiable fire resistances and offer and economic solution to construct fire stop walls for warehouses, industrial buildings and car parks.

Pre-fabricated slabs are placed directly on the walls or steel structures. The minimum depth of Bearing on the wall is 90 mm and 75 mm steel. A concrete mix is used to fill the spaces between slabs, with the addition of increasing its strength.

A pre-chamber of approximate length/300 (+/-50%) can be expected on all prestressed slabs, and the camber may vary between adjoining slabs. Allowance for this should be in conjunction with finishes and finished floor levels.

Pre-stressed Hollowcore units are the most useful elements of floor construction in multi-story buildings and residential apartments. Hollowcore slabs provide considerable benefits to builders and house owners. They are the ideal choice for constructing floors in individual homes, both at ground level and upper level. Hollowcore floors are used due to their lower cost and quick erection installation time.

Hollow core concrete slab is a versatile precast element. Hardly any building materials available today offer the economy, flexibility and reliability of precast, prestressed concrete.

The range of applications for Precast Concrete Floors:

  • Floors, ceilings and flat roofs

Material data:

  • Prefabricated prestressed hollow core slabs.
  • Upper surface smooth or rough.
  • Soffit smooth surface does not require.

Additional treatments:

  • Precast concrete class C40/50
  • Prestressing Strand up to 14 number wires, from 9.3; 12.5 and 15.7 mm.
  • The nominal tensile strength of 1860 MPa.
  • 160 mm Deep Hollow core.

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