Concrete Septic Tanks 

Under licence from Water Treatment Ireland, we now distribute Septic Tanks.
The WTI tank is an ideal concrete septic tank, certified to EN12566-1 and conforms to current environmental practice as per the EPA Code of Practice.

Points of Interest:

  • The tanks are strong, durable and watertight
  • They are made from high strength 45 N concrete and weigh 3.5 tonnes
  • The tanks can be installed by our team
  • The tanks are free from seepage, leaking and intrusion risks from vegetation and the acidity of the sewage
  • Design aspects:
    • 2 chamber design
    • 10 mm steel loops for handling
    • Ventilation access
    • Bitumen seal and pipe seal facilities and input and output ends.

The WTI tank is ideal for both new installations and replacement or upgrading of an existing tank.

Advanced Water Treatment System

The advanced water treatment system tanks are durable and easy to install and can be used in those areas where the percolation area of the septic tank system does not meet the filtration requirements in terms of soil porosity.

The system utilises microorganisms to break down the sewage very much like in a septic tank except that an electrically controlled advanced water treatment unit pumps oxygen into the treatment chamber. Here, the bacterial species break down the sewage under aerobic conditions.

The system used within this advanced water treatment unit is the Premier Tech Aqua SBR kit.

The WTI concrete tank, along with the Premier Tech Aqua SBR kit, are certified to EN12566-3 and SR-66

Septic Tank
septic tank1
Septic tank and water treatment
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