Precast Stairs

At Fogarty Concrete our precast concrete stairs provide an instant work platform during construction. This solid footprint helps speed up construction and provides a safer working environment by allowing immediate access to be gained. With a quick installation time frame, the installation of precast concrete stairs will save both time and cost with the elimination of site shuttering and scaffolding, resulting in reduced construction site cost and often saving weeks on the project schedule.

As precast concrete needs no additional curing on site and does not require protection from weather conditions, the installation process is quick, neat, clean and dry. With the intrinsic properties of thermal inertia, precast concrete stairs allow a more constant temperature both in cold and hot regions, as well as acoustic insulation.

The densities of the material ensure effective sound reduction and a min 1h fire resistance making this an ideal choice for commercial and residential use.

Our set of software packages ensure the safest top quality product and eliminate any chance of human error.

For all enquiries and quotations please contact our office to speak to one of our experienced engineers.

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