Quinn-Lite Thermal Blocks

QUINN-lite offers one of the most energy efficient building blocks for the construction industry. The QUINN-lite thermal block is a unique product in that its microcellular structure provides a wide range of desirable properties including excellent thermal performance, lightweight, fire resistance, frost resistance and moisture resistance. With thermal performances superior to those of conventional concrete blocks, the QUINN-lite Thermal block helps meet and exceed the requirements of the increasingly more stringent building regulations, without moving away from traditional forms of construction.


The thermal conductivity of the blocks is up to ten times that of conventional concrete blocks. QUINN-lite thermal blocks offer a high level of performance which help meet and exceed the requirements of Part L (R.O.I.) and Part F (N.I.,) of the building regulations as well as the specific needs of designers and developers.


QUINN-lite Thermal blocks can be easily built and plastered using traditional tools and materials. They can be easily chased, drilled and sawn using ordinary hand tools, allowing difficult shapes to be achieved with ease, while at the same time reducing waste through accurate cutting.


QUINN-lite thermal blocks provide excellent fire protection in both load bearing and non-load bearing applications. They are classed as non-combustible and have a Class 0 resistance to the surface spread of flames. Table 12 outlines the thickness of block required to meet a specific fire resistance.


QUINN-lite thermal blocks micro-cellular structure incorporates millions of pockets of trapped air which gives the product an excellent resistance to moisture and to attack from frost. This characteristic of the QUINN-lite thermal block makes it ideal for use below DPC level.


QUINN-lite thermal blocks are suitable for use in party wall construction. Together with a proprietary sound reduction board, QUINN-lite blocks have achieved test results with weighted standardised level differences (DnT,w) for airborne sound transmission in excess of 60 dB. This construction exceeds even the most stringent of regulations. Please contact our technical department for further details.


QUINN-lite thermal blocks have nominal dry densities ranging from 480 kg/ m3 to 760 kg/ m3. They are only a fraction of the weight of a conventional concrete block which in turn, helps meet CDM requirements for manual handling, reduces transport costs and reduces the load on buildings in high-rise construction. Their light weight characteristics do no compromise their strength or durability in any way. Tables 9, 10 and 11 can be used
to work out the load for various wall thicknesses.

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