Fogarty Concrete have expanded their product range to include Campion Cattle Slats. This agricultural precast product range includes slatted tanks, tractor slats, cattle slats / Campion slats, livestock flooring, pre-cast cubicle beds, galvanised safety manhole slats, scraper slats, wall beams, replacement manhole covers, reinforced steel cages for tanks and silage walls.

Cattle Slats

Fogarty Concrete now manufacture Campion cattle slats, who are well known as a leading supplier of agricultural concrete products, with over 20 years experience in the production of livestock flooring.

All our cattle slats are approved by the Department of Agriculture in Ireland and are manufactured to IS EN 12737 standard. These slats are available for delivery countrywide.

Standard Cattle Slats and Tractor Cattle Slats

We manufacture standard cattle slats which have a non-slip surface and tapered sides for greater cattle comfort and safety. Our tractor cattle slats are manufactured for greater durability and strength. Both standard and tractor slats are of high quality pre-stressed and precast concrete.

Please contact our office on 0504-52151 to discuss your Cattle Slat requirements.



Cubicle Beds

Our precast cubicle beds range includes 6ft, 7ft, 7ft 6inch and 8ft cubicle beds.

We have recently received Department of Agriculture approval for a suspended head to head cubicle bed.

All cubicle beds are structurally designed and approved by the Department of Agriculture.

Call our office on 0504-52151 today for more information regarding our precast cubicle beds.

Feed Walls

Our precast feed walls comprise of reinforced, self-compacting concrete. This provides a smooth finish while also retaining strength.

Contact our office on 0504-52151 for more information.

Manhole Slats & slabs


We manufacture manhole slats and slabs for all of our slat/slab lengths: 10’ 6”, 11’ 6”, 12’ 6”, 14’ 6” and 16’ 6”. These can be made to suit customer requirements and incorporate our Department of Agriculture approved safety manhole cover. We also produce a 10’ 6” offset manhole, as specified on Department of Agriculture approved list.

Please contact our office on 0504-52151 to discuss your project and requirements.

Steel & Steel Cages

We supply cut and bent steel for grant and non-grant projects. We acquire all of our steel from certified suppliers. Our steel is idea for use in silage walls, slurry tanks, structural walls, dung-stays and retaining walls.

We also supply steel in cage format within certain distances from our manufacturing facility.

Please contact our office on 0504-52151 to discuss your project.

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